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Deanna's journalism, creative nonfiction and poetry find stories in the simplest things. Recently she has been exploring and reporting on the intersection of new technologies and the law. Below are some examples of her work.




The battle between privacy and law enforcement isn't going away
The Guardian

City’s New “Right to Counsel” Law to Help Protect Harlem Tenants
The Uptowner

Use the Wi-Fi and Smile for the Camera: LinkNYC Kiosks Come Uptown
The Uptowner


How Smart Devices Could Violate Your Privacy
Rolling Stone

Your Own Pacemaker Can Now Testify Against You in Court

A Haircut and a Story: Barbershop Books Fosters Literacy
The Uptowner

Policing in New York: To Protect and Serve, You First Have to Listen
The Uptowner

How Private is Your Cellphone? The Next Fourth Amendment Challenge
The Crime Report


Personal Essay

When a Former Domestic-Violence Prosecutor Realizes Her Relative is Being Abused
The Marshall Project


Two Poems by Deanna Paul
Word Riot

Featured as "Writer of the Month" - June 2016
Drunk Monkeys

 The Writer

 A Lullaby Against Violence Selma, Fifty Years after Bloody Sunday

 Domestic Discipline